'COVID-busters' not scared of no bugs at Tijuana drive-thru disinfection station

A drive-through coronavirus car disinfection station has been set up in Tijuana, as seen on footage from Wednesday, with a group of workers naming themselves COVID-busters, after the popular Hollywood film Ghostbusters. Footage shows vehicles passing through the station where they are disinfected on-the-go. The workers were also filmed explaining the initiative. Edgar Estrada, one of the COVID... Еще-busters, explained, «Yes, it was very funny when the name COVID-busters came up because we wear white. We are wearing white suits and hoods. At the beginning, it was only our families, our friends, those who saw the news, the pictures. And so, some people said: 'Hey, you look like ghostbusters.' Yes, but we are actually not busting ghosts, but busting the virus.» Sergio Carbajal Francini, another COVID-buster, said, «We are looking to eliminating the virus, contributing our grain of sand and so they ask us: 'Why the vehicles?.' Well, it [the coronavirus] stays on metal for three days, so if you go to the market, load the purchase and you bring [the car] back, well, [it stays] for three days.» Mexico has reported over 16,000 cases of coronavirus since the start of the outbreak. At least 1,500 people have died with the virus, according to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University.

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