Couple discover million-year-old giant sloth while walking

Marcelo Lima and Marianela Amaya were taking a gentle stroll along Argentina`s Serena Beach when they discovered the remains of a giant sloth thought to be 3.5 million years old. Archaeologists from the Museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia in Mar del Plata were immediately called and footage filmed Tuesday shows excavation work. A landslide from the cliffs above the beach exposed the... Еще bones, including the vertebrae, ribs, part of the pelvis and a humerus. It is thought that this species of Megalonychidae came from the Pliocene Epoch (5.3 to 2.6 million years ago). The last genus of these giant land sloths eventually died out around 5,000 BC in Patagonia. The coastal cliffs between Mar del Plata and Miramar in northern Argentina are home to one of the world’s largest paleontological remains from the upper Cenozoic era.

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