«Corpse hotel» in Yokohama offers rooms for BODIES awaiting cremation

Japan's Lastel Hotel in Yokohama gave mourning relatives a place to store the bodies of their loved ones on Tuesday, as they waited for the cremation service. The «corpse hotel» offers a solution for crematoriums struggling to cope with the population's soaring death rate. Lastel Hotel Manager Naohiko Yokota explained that even if the population's death rate is increasing, crematoriums... Еще throughout the country are not, and so it is, «not possible to have a funeral service immediately after the [person's] death». Yokoto added that in many cases, relatives can be forced to wait up to «five days after the death to have a cremation». A team of workers transfer the corpse to the facility, where a meeting is then held to discuss the funeral. Refrigerated coffins are then used to store the bodies in individual rooms, which relatives can decorate with flowers. The service costs 12,000 yen ($157, €92).

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