Coronavirus fear? Come grab a beer! Italian brewery gives beers to go during lockdown

The Christiania brewery in Piacenza, one of the Italian cities worst hit by the coronavirus outbreak, chose to remain somewhat open during the lockdown that started this week, organising a solidarity initiative for locals stuck in their city and thus, in their house, and dangerously low on beer most of the time. After an announcement on social media, the managers of the brewery, which has been... Еще active since 1985 and is a point of reference for the local beer-loving community, informed customers of the upcoming closure, and explained that those who, on March 9th, presented themselves at the pub door with a container could have it filled full of their favorite beer for a donation, and all proceeds would go to charity. «Today we started the 'don't throw anything away' initiative, which is, we have to close for a month, so we said, what happens to the beer? We'll have a bitter end,» Stefano Pugni, the owner of the bar explained. «We must have got rid of, in my opinion, like one hundred litres, which managed to fetch, I still have to count everything, but I reckon, €300 ($340),» Stefano told cameras proudly. The solidarity initiative is one of many that the population has invented to get through the new restrictive coronavirus measures. The now nationwide measures place severe restrictions on the movement of people and for public interaction until at least April 3rd.

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