'Corona-style' hair-do helps raise awareness of disease in Kenya

A once out of style hair-do is having an epic comeback in Kenya consisting of spiky braids resembling the shape of the coronavirus, in an attempt to spread awareness of it. Children living in the Nairobi neighbourhood of Kibera were seen having their braids done on Thursday in what seemed to be a makeshift hair salon on the streets. Suffering economic difficulties to afford plaits requested by... Еще her daughters, Marble Etambo explained she came out with the idea of reviving the old hair-do as a temporary solution. «When coronavirus started I did not have money to plait my kids' hair. I told them that I had no money to take them to the salon, but there was a hairstyle that we used to plait a long time ago. So we went and bought some thread to plait them temporarily and we called it corona style,» she said. At a price of just 50 shillings (46 Euro cents/50 US cents), the coronavirus hairstyle has become an affordable and fashionable choice for the locals, creating awareness about the virus and reminding people about the problems it has brought. Since the outbreak began, there have been over 750 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kenya and over 40 deaths related to the virus thus far, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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