Copy cats! Hyperrealistic masks let owners look like their PETS

Many often comment on the likeness between an owner and their pet. A company in Tokyo, Japan, pushes that to the extreme, offering custom-made ultra-realistic masks of your pet, as seen in footage shot on Saturday. When Shindo Michika, CEO of Planning Office LCC, opened the box, Sawada Tomoaki was impressed with the likeness between his dog and the mask he ordered. «It has quite realistic coat... Еще of fur, so I didn't think it was made by a human hand. At first, I thought it was a stuffed animal,» he said. «The mask came to my mind when I thought of how to get people to learn more about the art of moulding; and what if you could be your own pet, that is the concept behind the mask,» said Michika. «When you come to order the mask, we ask the owner to send some photos. We get the picture of the pets from the front, the side and the skin.» Though dogs are the most common request, Michika has also gotten orders for masks of horses and reptiles.

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