Colossal 82-tonne Ramses II statue moved to Grand Eygptian Museum

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities transferred the colossal statue of King Ramses II to its permanent display area at the Atrium of the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza on Thursday. Speaking about the big move today was the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El-Enany: «Today the 12-meter-high granite colossus of Ramses the second was sent to the Atrium to guard the largest museum... Еще in the world, like during the antiquity, at the great Ptah temple in Memphis.» El-Enany said. The relocation process was carried out in collaboration with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the Arab Contractors Company, which was responsible for the previous move in 2006. The statue was originally discovered in 1820 near the Temple of Ptah, and was moved by former President Nasser in 1955 to Bab al-Hadid square, which was renamed to Ramses square. However, due to its exposure to the elements there, plans were made to relocate the giant statue to its new location, the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will have its partial opening in 2018, with a full opening in 2022.

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