Colombia: Venezuelan migrants block highway and demand right to return home

Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants blocked one of the main highways north of Bogota on Wednesday, to demand that Colombian authorities allow them to continue their journey home to Venezuela.  
 The group has been blocked on the highway for several days because Colombian authorities will not allow them to continue their journey on the buses they have hired.  
 Footage shows the group blocking the... Еще road, causing a huge traffic jam. Some of the migrants can be seen sitting on the pavement and praying.  
 “Colombian Migration has not said anything. That is what we are waiting for, the fault is not of the group of police or any of those who are here, we need Migration to allow us the access and that is all, we don't want anything else,” a migrant explained. 
 According to reports, the quarantine decreed to stop the spread of coronavirus makes it impossible for many migrants to survive economically because they work informally, or in industries that are virtually paralyzed.  
 The migrants could be authorised to continue their journey to Venezuela this Friday, reports say.

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