Colombia: ‘Unique’ biometric border crossing launched at Bogota’s El Dorado airport

The Colombian migration office successfully installed the first automatic biometric passport control system in Bogota’s El Dorado airport on Tuesday. ‘Biomig’ is supposed to reduce the once lengthy process entry into the country a matter of minutes for Colombians. The scanning system works with iris recognition and is able to crosscheck if the person going through has any warrants to their... Еще name. «This is a service that when you request the migration process is automatically connected to different databases both national and international to identify if this person has any impediment,» the director of migration in Colombia, Christian Kruger Sarmiento, explained. With 66 percent of all migration being registered at El Dorado airport, this system is bound to revolutionise the procedure as it has processing capacity of 1,200 passengers per hour, less than 25 seconds per traveller.

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