Colombia: Transit camp installed for Venezuelans stranded in Cucuta

Hundreds of Venezuelans stranded in Cucuta were brought to a newly installed transit camp by Colombian authorities and the UNHCR [United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees] on Tuesday, as they await permission to cross the border back to their country. People waiting to cross the Simon Bolivar International Bridge border crossing received wristbands from the Colombia police as a way to be identified as those who were granted a spot at the camp. According to reports, the transit camp located in Tienditas has a capacity of 600 people. Food, toilettes and medicines will be provided to the migrants for a maximum period of 48 hours before Venezuelans are allowed back into their own country. Thousands of Venezuelans have been trapped at the border in Colombia following Caracas' announcement limiting the number of people permitted to return in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Border passage via the Simon Bolivar International bridge is only permitted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to a maximum of 300 people each day.

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