Colombia: Thousands join national strike against Duque's social and economic policies

Thousands of protesters marched against the social and economic policies of Colombian President Ivan Duque as part of his National Development Plan (NDP) in Bogota on Thursday. Several unions, farmers, indigenous groups and social organisations took to the street protesting the decrease in the education budget, change of pension plans, the reduction of minimum salary to people under 25 years of... Еще age, and the selling of state-owned companies. Demonstrators can be seen chanting, holding signs and displaying banners, deploring the President's policies. Protesters holding signs in the shape of tombstones can also be spotted, decrying the death of 8 unarmed children after a bombing in charge of the Army against an alleged FARCS camp in August, which resulted in the resignation of Defence Minister Guillermo Botero. Duque, who is facing demonstrations against his government across Colombia, has reportedly mobilised hundreds of soldiers to reinforce the security in the country's biggest cites in addition to closing all border crossings to Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru.

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