Colombia: Riots after supermarkets owned by ex-FARC rebels looted

Supermarkets owned by demobilised rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were looted in central Colombian city of Melgar on Monday. The situation quickly turned into a riot after a police intervention. People right across the regions of Cundinamarca and Tolima took advantage of a police investigation into ex-guerrillas Norberto, Uriel and Edna Mora Urrea — owners of... Еще the 60 supermarkets of the chains Supercundi, Merkandrea and Mercafusa — and started looting. Shelves were emptied before mounted police and tear gas eventually restored order. The brothers were apparently using the supermarkets to supply guerrillas and as a money laundering scheme. Colombian authorities seized assets valued at 650 billion pesos ($230 million; €186 million), none of which had been declared as part of the peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government in 2016.

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