Colombia: Residents clash with police in protest over Bogota infrastructure

Police and protesters clashed in Bogota during the protest against social and infrastructure inequality, Wednesday. Protesters threw objects at police officers while the latter chased away the protesters by unleashing water cannons and stun grenades. Another group of protesters with covered faces continued the unrest from a different neighbourhood. One of the protesters spoke out, «[We demand... Еще] closure of the landfill Dona Juana. Secondly, [we demand] demilitarisation of youth. Thirdly, [we demand] decent transportation for the inhabitants of the city of Bogota especially in the south because the south has been a source of inequalities in the city.» Both protests were reportedly dispersed by police. The Dona Juana Landfill in Bogota receives reportedly around 6,000 tons of waste daily. Local residents have staged various protests demanding the landfill's shutdown as they claimed it provokes decease outbreaks as well as increased spread of flies and rats in the area.

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