Colombia: President Santos oversees destruction of FARC weaponry

President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos oversaw the destruction of weaponry handed over to the government from former-Guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in Bogota on Friday. The 8,994 weapons handed over to the Colombian government from the dismantled rebel group are to be melted down and turned to three monuments to peace. «Today is a very important day. They... Еще handed to me the last weapon — an AR15 assault rifle, a 5.57 calibre — and this rifle is now totally useless, like all the weapons handed over in the process,» said Santos in a speech to mark the occasion. The Colombian president highlighted the event as significant in the country's healing process, noting that the «scars» from a 54 year long war do not heal overnight. Santos went on to describe the peace agreement signed by the Government and FARC rebel forces as the «most ambitious agreement ever negotiated in the history of the world.»

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