Colombia: Newly elected FARC senators take up seats in congress

The press converged on the Colombian senate building in Bogota, on Friday, as members of the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) took up seats in the nation's Congress. During outgoing President Juan Manuel Santos's address to the house, he called on the newly-elected members of the FARC to serve in the nation's congress and uphold the recent peace between the guerrilla group and the... Еще government, in an agreement that has seen the end of five decades of conflict. After Santos' speech, some politicians spoke to the press outside. Former FARC commander — now a Colombian senator — Carlos Lozada, insisted on his party's intention to obstruct any proposals from the President-elect Ivan Duque's government that «are aimed at reinforcing the significant gains of the most powerful and the greatest impoverishment of those who have always been in the misery in this country.» Meanwhile, former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez expressed his hope that the new government would stabilise the conflict-ridden country. He said, «God willing, the government of President Duque has all the success that the country needs at this moment.»

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