Colombia: Infected mosquitoes help prevent dengue spread in Medellin

Mosquitoes carrying bacteria Wolbachia are being released in different zones of Medellin to prevent the spread of dengue fever by mating with infected mosquitos, as footage filmed on Thursday shows. Being first developed in laboratories in Australia, the initiative is part of the global project World Mosquito Program with 'good' mosquitos being released since 2014. Aedes aegypti female... Еще mosquitos, that are capable of carrying Zika and dengue, are being infected with Wolbachia bacteria that suppresses these diseases and stops them from being passed on to mosquitoes' offspring. According to infectious disease doctor Ivan Dario Velez, even though Colombia has been in an epidemic for the last three months, dengue has been drastically reduced in the city of Medellin. «Meaning that when there is an epidemic somewhere else, here we remain in the 'success zone' because the numbers of infected are very low. In the end of last year, we were expecting an outbreak, but there was none, and this year it's also very low,» the doctor explained. Besides dengue, other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are targeted to reduction, such as chikungunya, malaria, yellow fever and zika.

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