Colombia: Engineers design helmet that works as 'protection bubble' against COVID-19

A group of Colombian engineers has designed a helmet similar to the one used by astronauts, to be employed as a protection bubble against the coronavirus. Aeronautical engineer Andres Felipe Giraldo and industrial designer Ricardo Andres Conde could be seen demonstrating how the helmet works in Bogota on Thursday. In addition to Giraldo and Conde, aeronautical materials specialist Jose Fabian Carmona is also part of the team that designed the invention. Giraldo explained that the idea came to them thinking of «the stories of doctors, of people who really live their daily lives with a lot of risk [of getting sick], or even some who are already infected», although Conde added that their target audience would be «anyone who wants to protect him or herself.” The engineers explained that the prototype is the result of 84 different configurations, until they found the right formula. It works by an electrical system that makes air circulate inside. The helmet weighs 650 grammes (22.9 oz) and consists of a plastic structure, an electrical part, filters and a battery. According to reports, it has a commercial value of 400,000 Colombian pesos (€109/$128). To date, Colombia has recorded 276,055 cases of COVID-19 and 9,808 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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