Colombia: Duque encourages citizens to record 'acts of vandalism' with their mobile phones

Colombian President Ivan Duque called on citizens to record «any act of vandalism they see» with their phones and share it with the police, during a press conference following a meeting at the Unified Command Post in Bogota on Saturday. Duque's request aims enable the prosecution of acts carried out during the protests, which he described as «vandalism», «pillaging» and «terrorism», which he... Еще said they fought with «full force.» Duque also spoke about the car bomb attack against a police station in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca Department, which killed at least three police officers and injured several people on Friday. «We express our sorrow for those who lost their lives and we also see the criminal hands of organised armed groups that have tried to take advantage of the situation,» he said. Bogota Mayor Enrique Penalosa also spoke during the press conference, referring to a «highly organised plot» by «political groups interested in destabilising the country.» Authorities declared a curfew in the capital on Friday to contain the riots during the strike, amid rumours of economic reforms and growing frustration with Duque's government. Defence Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo confirmed the deaths of at least three people in recent clashes. Mandatory Credit: Colombian Presidency

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