Colombia: Deadly car bomb near police station is an «atrocious terrorist attack» — Defence Minister

Colombian Defence Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo described a car bomb which exploded on Friday night at a police station near Santander de Quilichao, in Cauca Department, as an «atrocious terrorist attack» in a statement on Saturday. At least three police officers died in the explosion which injured several people. «The demented terrorists not only attacked our public force, but the shockwave... Еще also caused damage to nearby homes, affecting the civilian population and their human rights,» said Holmes Trujillo. In this context, he has «vehemently» condemned this «atrocious terrorist attack» and has said those responsible «will be identified and brought in front of the authorities so that the full weight of the law falls on them.» «We cannot allow violent people to seek to end our tranquillity, not in the Cauca, not in the cities, not in any part of our national territory. All types of violence are reprehensible and must be completely rejected by the citizenry,» the new defence minister said. The attack took place on the second day of national protests, marked by clashes between demonstrators and police as well as numerous acts of vandalism. In a bid to quell the protests, Bogota was placed under a curfew on Friday. Mandatory Credit: Colombian Police

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