Colombia: Colombian president resumes peace talks with last-standing guerrilla group

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he is resuming peace talks with the country's last-standing rebel group the 'National Liberation Army' (ELN), speaking from Bogota on Monday. The president said that ELN has respected «the unilateral ceasefire, which was decreed for the elections» and that these kind of «gestures» show «that ELN can recreate the minimum of the confidence... Еще required to proceed down the road of dialogue». Santos stressed that many local organisations, the church and the international community are in favour of «reopening the dialogue with the guerrillas,» which is why he has decided to «return to the peace talks with ELN». On Sunday, the former guerilla group FARC participated for the first time in historic elections as a political party, after signing a peace agreement with the government back in 2016. Talks between ELN and the government broke down in January after the expiration of a temporary ceasefire and fresh attacks were launched on police stations. ELN however, agreed to a six-week ceasefire due to Sunday's elections.

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