Colombia: Chaos at Colombian border as droves of Venezuelans seek legal status

The streets outside the headquarters of the National Registry in the Colombian border city of Cucuta, were packed with Venezuelans attempting to gain legal protections to remain in the country, on Thursday. One woman from Venezuela, Maria, was with her infant child and has been waiting in the queue for days: «I'm in the children's queue and that makes people kick me, they push then this is a... Еще total mess. I would like to request the authorities to retaliate or do something to put these queues in order because this is something that can not be controlled. People have no regard for children or anything, this for a Venezuelan is a total humiliation and one should not have to face this.» The situation has been going on for days as Colombia has faced drastic increases in the number of people entering the country, who are fleeing instability, hyper-inflation, and a worsening political crisis in Venezuela. There are reportedly already over 600,000 migrants from Venezuela in Colombia.

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