Colombia: Caracas Mayor Ledezma escapes Venezuela house arrest

SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «What is the message you want to give to Nicolas Maduro's [Venezuelan President] government?» SOT, Antonio Ledezma, Caracas Mayor (Spanish): «That it is time for him to apologise and to respect the dignity of the [Venezuelan] people who are prostrated in misery. Maduro has to separate, he has to make a last sign, and he has to resign” SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «What... Еще do you say to the Venezuelan people? SOT, Antonio Ledezma, Caracas Mayor (Spanish): «It is time for a true reconciliation with the opposition. The leaders of the opposition should have some self-criticism. Most of the problems we have right now, are a symptom of egoism. We cannot be thinking here about who stands up for the presidential side. What we have to think here is how we finish with a government that is destroying one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Thank you.» Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma spoke to reporters in Cucuta, Friday, following his escape from house arrest in neighbouring Venezuela. Speaking to journalists at Cucuta's airport, Ledezma called on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro «to respect the dignity of the Venezuelan people» and resign from his post. Ledezma had been confined to house arrest since 2015 following allegations of supporting a coup in Venezuela. The Caracas mayor denies the charges.

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