Colombia: Border controls tighten as Venezuelans continue seeking legal status

Head of Colombia's Migration Authority Christian Kruger announced the introduction of new security and identification measures at a border crossing with Venezuela in Villa del Rosario, Cucuta municipality, Friday. The measures are to be put in place after a recent increase in the number of Venezuelans attempting to gain entry to Colombia, where many are seeking legal protection. Kruger announced... Еще the installation of ID readers, and also readers of biometric information, such as iris and fingerprint scanners. «What we want here is that each and every one of the people who enter, be it nationals or foreigners, are identified one by one, [that] their judicial records and their [personal] documents are original... We maintain that this has to be very important to improve our immigration controls,» said Kruger. Colombia has faced a spike in the number of people entering the country from Venezuela, from where they are fleeing instability, inflation, and a worsening political crisis. There are reportedly already over 600,000 migrants from Venezuela in Colombia.

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