Colombia: Bogota Protesters chant 'we are hungry' as country enters lockdown

Thousands protested in Plaza Bolivar in Bogota on Tuesday as locals were angered by the short notice they were given to prepare for a lockdown to combat COVID-19. Chants of «we are hungry» can be heard before some locals took to looting stores. The lockdown in Colombia is planned to last for 19 days. Many of those protesting live on the daily salary they make and fear hunger due to lack of... Еще income during the quarantine. «We have children, we have to pay the rent, the government says there is food, the supermarkets are open. There are shops but there is no money, we do not have money, they are not going to gift us food,» pleaded Bogota Resident Jose Emilio Morales Trujillo. Some fear-fuelled locals blamed government incompetence for the outbreak in Colombia. «It (coronavirus) is something that is going to kill us all but you as a government have to stop things. Because you realised the emergency that was coming through the airports and you didn't close them,» stated one local resident. Colombia reported the nation's worst day since the outbreak began on Tuesday, with 72 new cases being reported, bringing the total to 378. Colombia is yet to record a death caused by COVID-19.

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