Colombia: Beaten and branded — vegan activists protest animal cruelty in Cali

269life vegan activists staged a protest in Cali, against the human consumption of meat and dairy industry, Tuesday. Several performers simulated animal branding with hot iron with some portraying animals while others took on the role of slaughterhouse workers. As a part of a stage action, the animal portraying activists were tied up, beaten with ropes and after that were symbolically branded... Еще with hot iron in the same way farm animals are branded in farms. The activists are hoping to raise awareness of animal cruelty and want to encourage people to go vegan. «We are doing this activity because we feel that this is the only way we can get people to make a connection between what is on their plate what they are buying and what happens behind the scenes,» said one of the ''branded'' activists Natalia Guevara. According to activists, the number 269, used for the branding mark, indicates the designated number of a calf who was saved from slaughtering in one of Israel's dairy farms as well as the name of the activist organisation which was inspired by the event.

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