Colombia: Andean town's unique love for the beautiful game

But also, in 2006, this was a product of the first international ball festival and this also honoured the value of work, which has always represented the municipality of Mongui internationally and arises through the Arguello family, two brothers who have already died and left this legacy for the municipality of Mongui, which is this stone masonry. As we can see, this monument is made of one single... Еще piece, which demonstrates the laboriousness of the people not only to build balls, but also in the art of stone carving. It is a spectacular monument that has travelled the world, and balls from Mongui are very well known.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* The colonial Andean town of Mongui is at the heart of Colombia's football-making industry. During a visit to the town on Wednesday, the town's love and dependence on the beautiful game became clear. Despite having only 4,900 inhabitants, Mongui has at least 20 factories manufacturing footballs. Its entire economy rotates around these handmade spheres, with almost one fourth of Mongui's inhabitants dependent on the ball-making business. Two statues in the town's main plaza are dedicated to the sport — one of them shows two hands holding a ball, and the other has a worker sewing a football. Even balconies and doors are decorated with the colourful little balls. With 2018 FIFA World Cup being played Russia, the town has attracted interest from all corners of the globe for its colonial charm and special ball-crafting skills.

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