Colombia: Ambulance protest condemns lack of coronavirus equipment in Bogota

Ambulance workers drove across Bogota with sirens on in a unique protest action amid the coronavirus emergency worldwide. Wednesday's ambulance parade on aimed to raise awareness of the alarm facing health workers due to a lack of infrastructure to cope with the spread of the disease. Ambulance car driver Carlos Camargo lamented a lack of preparation of the national health system to deal with... Еще pandemic. «Hospitals are not coping, everything is collapsing because everyone is afraid and has the warning that it may be infected, so private ambulances become the first entity to respond to this virus,» he said. A private ambulance company boss, Ruben, emphasised that very few medical services remained open, as many went on quarantine in order to avoid risks of getting infected. «The majority of the private [ambulances] took the option to keep the cars and go for confinement for the quarantine.» Ruben explained that the emergency services are restricted due to the lack of protective gear and other medical equipment necessary to work with patients who test positive for COVID-19. According to the latest data published by the Johns Hopkins University, Colombia has reported 1,065 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths.

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