Colombia: 8-meter-high social distancing structure separates Bogota La Providencia restaurants

Traditional restaurants in the famous La Providencia market square, in Bogota have installed a huge structure to maintain social distance between diners, as footage filmed on Monday shows. Thanks to a scaffolding installed on the facade of the building, diners can enjoy typical Colombian dishes while maintaining the space between them in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “[We were looking for] a solution that would allow them [the cooks] to have as many tables as possible in this same space. We went from having 6 tables to having 18 tables, all separated for biosecurity issues, in order to give them space to serve their dishes,” explained Henry Gualdron, architect of the Colombian Society of Architects. The structure is 8 metres (26 feet) high, weighs 10 tons, and has cubicles separated by insulated fabrics.

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