Colombia: 4 killed and 20 missing after mudslide sweeps through town of Corinto

Colombian authorities confirmed on Thursday that four people have been killed with 20 others still missing after a mudslide swept through the town of Corinto earlier in the week. One of the town's residents, Ricardo Ortiz, said that his house had been completely flooded and that «There is no way to live here, so we are waiting for aids from the state, hoping that they will do something for us... Еще, because we are left with nothing.» Another resident, Viviana Uznas, attended a funeral ceremony of one of the victims. «She was in the house of a friend recovering from her birth,» Uznas said, adding that the victim «was with the child and when they shouted her out there was no time and the mudslide struck the house.» Heavy rainfall caused a surge of mud and water to overflow from La Paila River sending mudslide down into the town on November 7.

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