Cliffhanger! — 100m high store dubbed world's most 'incovenient'

Dubbed as the world's most «inconvenient» convenience store, this cliff side store hangs 100 metres above ground and provides climbers with supplies and a good mountain story, footage filmed in Pingjiang County, in the Hunan Province on Saturday shows. On the footage we see daring visitors climbing up the hill side until they reach the store, where they can catch their breath and refreshing... Еще beverages like energy drinks on their way to finish up their climbing route. The store «stands» on the hill side of a mountain in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, which consists of a «red bed characterised by steel cliffs» in Pingjiang Country, otherwise known as Danxia landform. According to Wuwen Hu, a staffer at the convenience store, «If the climber is thirsty or tired, the store can provide the support for them to finish the rest of trip.» He added that every staffer gets a proper training before joining the team, since the park has to «guarantee the security of them and the visitors.» The store is up and running since April 25, 2018.

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