Chinese vigilantes patrolling Paris's banlieues to protect their own

Chinese Parisians began unofficial night-time patrols around the banlieue of Creteil on Wednesday, to protect members of their community from violent crime. This southeastern suburb of the capital contains a significant immigrant population from Wenzhou. The Chinese city is famed for being home to entrepreneurs who start restaurants and retail outlets in their adopted country. In recent weeks... Еще, however, the local Chinese community has decided to act, claiming to be targets of robbery and assault. Patrols will last from 9pm to midnight, until everyone reaches home safely. There has been a notable rise of Chinese people falling victim to crime in recent years. In 2016, a group of 26 Chinese tourists were assaulted by six men while boarding a bus. In 2017, 40 Chinese tourists were attacked using tear-gas in a robbery close to Paris. Only weeks after this incident, three Chinese students were hit by a car in Blagnac.

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