Chinese university heads into uncharted waters with Bluetooth-enabled smart showers

University students in the central Chinese city of Changsha can now shower by connecting their mobile phones to a smart water meter via Bluetooth, though not everyone is pleased. One student, Bixia Li, expressed her dismay at the new shower situation, saying: «I think it's useless. We used to use campus cards to control water consumption. But since we used the app on mobile phones, there's often... Еще a dozen seconds between when we click on a cell phone button and when we actually take a shower. It's going to waste four cents. More importantly, it causes unnecessary waste of water resources.» However, one student, Yan Ouyang, sees the new system as an improvement on the previous one, in which students needed to use cards to activate the showers. «I think this function is very good. Because it provides us with a second way to bathe. We used to bathe only with cards. I think the probability of losing a card is much higher than that of losing a cellphone,» she said. The smart system, which was devised by Hunan's Changsha University of Science and Technology, requires students in the dorms to scan a QR code before entering the shower and scan again after they finish.

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