Chinese dad trains dog to make sure daughter does homework

A father in the city of Guiyang in southwestern China's Guizhou province has trained an adorable 'dog tutor' to watch over his daughter's homework sessions. The dog is trained to stand with its front legs on the table while the girl is doing her homework in order to stop her procrastinating with her phone. «I trained it to guard food from the cat when it was young. Then one day, I found my... Еще daughter was naughty when she was doing her homework. I came up with an idea to let Fantuan [the dog] watch over its sister, supervise her to do her homework,» said Xu Liang. Xinya said she appreciated her furry supervisor and commented that «it is not as boring as doing my homework alone, and I won't be distracted as well. It feels like being accompanied by a classmate.» What started with homework has now quickly moved onto supervising piano lessons as well. The dog in return gets playtime with his human 'sister' and training from his master.

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