Chinatown on strike against UK border agency — no more fishing raids!

Hundreds of Chinese Londoners and sympathisers marched from Chinatown to the Home Office on Tuesday demanding justice, after a series of raids on Chinese restaurants and take-aways. Immigration raids used to require a warrant, but due to a number of shifts in policy, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials can now enter premises and conduct searches for undocumented workers under section 179 of... Еще the Licensing Act. The process and procedure has drawn the ire of the Chinese community, who challenge the legality and morality of the procedures. Suresh Grover of the Monitoring Group explained that the Chinese community face daily racism at the hands of police and immigration officials and Bobby Chan of Win Quan, a Chinese civil rights organisation, demanded that warrants be required for immigration raids and for due process to be followed.

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