China: Xiaomi launches Mi Mix 2 phone to rival the iPhone 10

Chinese technology giants Xiaomi launched their new Mi Mix 2 phone model in Beijing on Monday. The companies latest model is aimed at rivaling their US competitors Apple who are set to release their iPhone X soon after the Mi Mix 2's release. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun and Lead Designer Philippe Starck brought their audience through several new features, including revolutionary facial airbrush technology... Еще and processing speeds that are allegedly quicker than their apple counterparts. Lei Jun insisted «With an 18:9 ultra-wide display and super-thin bezels, the screen becomes a flawless surface, especially on the black model. This represents the pinnacle of our aesthetic design». The phone is also aimed to beat apple on projected price, coming in at 3299 yuan (€421/$502.3) for 64Gb, which is half the price of Apple's upcoming release.
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