China: Wuhan braces for worst flood in decades

Flood prevention barriers were been set along the Yangtze river in Wuhan, as seen on footage from Thursday, as the city — which was the initial epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak — is set to face the worst flood in decades. Despite the peak water level being the fourth-highest recorded water of the Yangzte river last Sunday, the citizens were filmed fishing and spending some time beside the river. Reports say Wuhan authorities have raised the alert to 'yellow', due to an expected sharp rise of the water level of the Yangtze River on Friday morning. Some local residents were optimistic about the anti-flood measures taken by the government. One resident said, «For the flood prevention, Wuhan has experienced it every year, we are confident.» Another resident added, «Although the flood is severe, the prevention is good. We have checked the flood three times, and the flood prevention facilities are in place.» For weeks China has been suffering from intense seasonal rains and thunderstorms which has wreaked havoc across the southern part of the country with around 15 million residents affected and more than 100 dead or missing.

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