China: «We will go to court» — Putin on closure of Russian govt. buildings in US

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his administration will “go to court”, commenting on the closure of three Russian diplomatic facilities in the US, which had been ordered by the administration of US President Donald Trump. He was speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Xianmen, Tuesday. «What the US did is that they robbed us of the way to use our property and... Еще this is a gross violation of property rights of the Russian Federation. So to begin with I will instruct the foreign ministry to go to court. Let's see how effective the much-lauded American judicial system is,» said the Russian president. «They are entitled to make this decision but the way they did it was clearly boorish. This doesn't honour our American colleagues,» noted Putin. The Russian leader went on to say that Russia reserves the right to cut further US diplomatic presence in Russia. “We have reserved the right to make this decision we may reduce the number of the US diplomats even further by 155 but we're not going to take this step right now. We'll see how things develop first,” Putin said. Commenting on Russia-Egypt relations, Putin said that Russia is «eager» to resume direct flights with Egypt and «will continue to work together.» Putin also commented on Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s recent confrontational statement on the Russian government's policy on Myanmar, saying that regional leaders are «entitled to have his or her opinion» and «it's not like Mr Kadyrov is in opposition». «Everything is all right,» he concluded.
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