China: US uses state power ‘to suppress foreign companies’ — MOFCOM spox.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng said that the US was using 'non-business methods' and 'state power' to 'suppress foreign companies', referring to the Chinese tech giant Huawei and the tariffs imposed by the US, during a weekly press conference held in Beijing on Thursday. Gao Feng shared China's hopes that Washington would 'correct its mistakes' and remain 'rational' to avoid... Еще an escalation of the dispute, and that the other countries would not succumb to the pressure. «Our co-operation is principled and there are the boundaries you shouldn't touch during the talks. China never backs down on issues of principle,» he said. Gao Feng repeated that China does not wish to take part in a trade war, and that additional US tariffs would hurt the American economy first.

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