China: Thousands evacuated in Anqing after flooding from Yangtze river

Heavy rainfalls caused floods in Anqing in China's Anhui Province, affecting nearly half a million residents and causing severe damage to the coastal area, footage filmed on Tuesday shows. Locals praised the municipality for efficient work in managing the floods, saying that officials quickly took control. «Anqing city really cares about its residents, I think they (local government) did a good job on flood control. We feel the flood situation is under control so we can still walk by the river with no fear. Even though the flood situation looks severe, we are not afraid at all,» said one resident. Another one added that police forces had been deployed to help the region face the flood. The water level of the Yangtze, Asia's longest river, can be seen submerging coastal portions of the city. Anqing authorities evacuated at least 49,965 residents living in the most affected zones. No casualties were reported due to the disaster.

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