China: This camera can follow your every move — Horizon Robotics unveils smart mobility camera

The Chinese startup company Horizon Robotics unveiled revolutionary 'Journey 1.0' and 'Sunrise 1.0' chips with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, promising to enhance smart mobility and smart security cameras, in Beijing, Wednesday. An embedded 'Journey 1.0' chip can accurately monitor and identify pedestrians, vehicles, traffic lights and other types of targets in real time... Еще. 'Sunrise 1.0' is capable of large-scale face capture and recognition, which can be used for both commercial and security purposes. Horizon Robotics co-founder Chang Huang argued that some «tragedies» related to carjacking may be prevented if smart chips are embedded in surveillance cameras. Horizon Robotics is known for developing software that attempts to mimic the work of the human brain to solve abstract tasks that are difficult for regular computer programmes.

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