China: Tech giant Baidu unveils its latest achievements in AI

Chinese tech giant Baidu unveiled new features of its flagship smart speaker at the company'scompany's annual event in Beijing on Wednesday. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li announced the Xiaodu Smart Display 1S can now be activated without a wake-up command allowing continuous conversations with users. Baidu also announced that it's been working on launching the largest driverless taxi fleet in... Еще China. Dozens of such vehicles will soon be available in Changsha, Hunan province. «In Baoding City, we have begun large-scale deployment of AI-directed, full real-time monitoring of traffic conditions through cameras, adjusting the timings of traffic lights», said the Baidu chairman and CEO. In the middle of presentation, Robin Li was approached by a man who emptied a bottle of water on his head. The Baidu press office said the motives for the act as well as the person were unknown to the company. It also said police will now handle the incident.

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