China: Stop the 'Cold War mentality' — China to US

Spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying urged the US to drop its «Cold War mentality», whilst commenting on the superpower's latest National Security Strategy (NSS) at a daily briefing in Beijing on Tuesday. The top diplomat made the remarks after the NSS dubbed China, along with Russia, «revisionist powers» which pose a threat to US interests. While calling out the US... Еще for «spurn[ing] antiquated ideas such as a 'Cold War mentality'», Hua Chunying also noted that both countries are responsible for the world's peace and stability, noting that «cooperation is the only correct choice for China and the US.» She went on to add that China «is always the developer for world peace, contributor of global development and vindicator of international order.» The US issued the new NSS on Monday, which took a hard line against both Beijing and Moscow. In particular, the report dubbed China and Russia «revisionist powers» and «two countries attempting to erode American security and prosperity.»

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