China: State Council reports 141 dead or missing due to severe floods

The People's Republic of China's State Council held a press conference in Beijing on Monday to inform the nation on the latest developments regarding the huge floods that China is currently experiencing. The vice-minister of emergency management, Zheng Guoguang, said that «37.89 million have been affected by the floods in 27 provinces, 141 people are dead or missing and 28,000 houses have collapsed because of it.» «Since June, the rainfall has been between 50 and 160 percent more than the average. The venue with the heaviest rainfall, Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, has had 1966 mm rainfall since June, which is like three times Beijing's annual average rainfall,» ,» stated Vice-minister of water resources Ye Jianchun. He added that some 433 rivers have «exceeded alert levels.» Thus far, it is believed that at least 76,000 local residents have been rescued or evacuated from the floods.

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