China: Selectively bred saltwater rice could feed 80m more people

A new type of rice that can be grown in seawater was successfully harvested by a group of scientists in the seaside city of Qingdao, eastern China, as seen in footage filmed on Monday. Sea rice, which is designed to grow in tidal flats or saline-alkali land, was created through crossbreeding different varieties of rice. Researchers say it will increase food security in China, potentially... Еще inflating food supply by 30 billion kilograms (66 billion lbs), enough to support an additional 80 million people. «If the Chinese go hungry because of crop failures caused by natural disasters, there will be social unrest and destabilising factors for the world,» said Guodong Zhang, Deputy Director of Qingdao Sea Rice R&D Centre. «Our efforts to turn barren farmland into fertile farmland, and enabling the China to feed itself will be beneficial to the peace and stability of China as well as the world,» he continued, Earlier this year, the research team successfully grew and harvested the salt-resistant rice in a Dubai desert.

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