China's eye-wateringly expensive artificial waterfall splits opinion

A skyscraper in Guiyang, China, which claims to have the highest man-made waterfall (108m), has split local opinion given its eye-watering cost, Tuesday. The Liebian International Building is still under construction and will comprise a shopping mall, luxury hotel and office space. Even though the waterfall was completed two years ago, it has only been switched on six times due to the sky... Еще-high cost of pumping water to the top of building — 800 yuan ($117; €100). The water source is free however, coming from runoff, rainwater and groundwater. One student Xin Yu Ren was proud of the city's new landmark, calling it an «innovation.» Ma Li Llong differed, likening it to a «joke.» Shi Yuan Wang seemed split on the matter, simultaneously considering the waterfall as «spectacular» and «not appropriate» given its cost and use of energy.

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