China: 'One of our most important discoveries' — hundreds of dinosaur fossils unearthed

A discovery of more than 200 fossilised pterosaur dinosaur eggs by Chinese palaeontologists has led to a ground breaking discovery in Beijing on Friday, following a series of successful excavations in Asia and South America. Associate researcher of The Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology, part Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Shunxing Jiang has described the ensuing... Еще work as 'one of our most important discoveries', where freshly discovered information that new-born pterosaurs couldn't fly was concluded from the research. Dr. Jiang said, «We found the first three-dimensionally preserved pterosaur embryo in the world. Before that only 11 pterosaur eggs were discovered in total.» «If we take the shoulder bone we'll see that it didn't develop properly in the region where flying muscles are supposed to be attached. Which lead us to a conclusion that new-born pterosaurs couldn't fly, but could walk. And this is one of our most important discoveries,» he added.

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