China: Locals flock to hot pot restaurants as coronavirus lockdown measures relaxed in Chongqing

Dozens of people were seen waiting outside a hot pot shop in Chongqing on Saturday as they looked forward to eating the traditional dish after having been under lockdown for weeks as part of coronavirus containment measures. Footage shows people in the megacity west of Wuhan queuing and having their temperatures before being checked before being allowed into the restaurant to enjoy their dinner... Еще. «After returning to work, the order quantity of each table has greatly increased compared to before. Everyone wants to order and wants to eat whatever they want. They feel like they haven't eaten hot pot for a long time,» said staff member Bao Qiang, adding that customers now queue for four, five hours to eat at their restaurant. «We consider every step of the customer's meal very carefully. When the customer enters the door, we will first take the temperature of the customer, and the tableware provided for the customer is also a single-use tableware,» Bao added. One costumer said he has not eaten hot pot for month, which he says is «not normal for Chongqing people.» «There's nothing to worry about. [Everyone] should just [think about] their own protection,» he added. At least 299,000 people have been infected by COVID-19 worldwide and over 12,000 people have died. There have currently been 81,304 cases confirmed in Mainland China, where the virus originated, and over 71,500 patients have recovered. China has reportedly been removing checkpoints in Wuhan and relaxing measures put in place to reduce the spead of the virus as the outbreak appears to be slowing down in the country.

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