China: Lavrov says US-led strikes ‘disrupt’ OPCW investigation

Russian Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov said that the US and its allies' strikes on Syria aimed to 'disrupt' the investigation of the experts of the OPCW of the alleged chemical attack, during a press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing on Monday. «For all the unbiased observers it must be obvious that [the US-led strikes on Syria] were aimed to disrupt the investigation [of... Еще the alleged chemical attack] of the OPCW experts and to undermine very positive tendencies which, largely due to the initiative of the countries-guarantors of the Astana peace process — Russia, Iran and Turkey, started to strengthen in terms of the Syrian settlement,» noted Lavrov. He also added that Russia and China agreed that «there is no alternative to the political and diplomatic regulation of the Syrian crisis.»

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