China: Lavrov says US has no plans to leave Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the US and its allies have «openly pursued their policy to divide Syria» after a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's foreign ministers in Beijing on Tuesday. Lavrov went on to say that the US is «actively settling down» on the east bank of the Euphrates and «is not going to withdraw from there.» The Russian FM stated that this... Еще decision had been «encouraged» by French President Emmanuel Macron. «This is obvious interference in internal affairs and violation of all conceivable norms of international law and proprieties,» Lavrov concluded. When speaking about the discussion that took place at the G7 foreign ministers' meeting in Toronto on Monday, Lavrov said that it had a clear «Russophobic» nature. He also said that Russia will «defend its positions and wait patiently» until the G7 member states realise the «absolute deadlock and hopelessness» of such an approach.

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