China: 'I can't believe people are still going to work' — Wuhan Brit on Europe's coronavirus situation

UK national Charlie Parker, who chose to stay behind in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan in January instead of being evacuated, said he is «hoping» lockdowns in China will be lifted soon but said on Friday it seems «kind of crazy» European countries are not taking the same measures as China and still going to work. «It seems that the measures that the countries in Europe are taking are not all... Еще the same, and some seem to be more effective than others. I am kind of surprised that the European countries haven't taken the same measures that China has, in locking people into their houses. Or at least making sure that they stay at home and don't go out. I can't believe people are still going to work, that seems kind of crazy to me,» said Parker. He added he thinks the UK is «not too far behind» Italy, Spain and France in the coronavirus outbreak. For his situation he said him and other residents are hopeful, but China first «has to slowly reintroduce all the measures in the city that it took back. So, opening back up public transport, and the airport and getting people back into work safely. Lessening the strain on the medical service and hospitals.» Charlie has not been able to leave his apartment complex for several weeks and has been stuck in quarantine in his gated apartment complex for 55 days on Friday. The government has set up a mobile app, which reportedly uses data to assess if people can be permitted it leave their apartments or enter shopping centres and other public spaces. At least 255,300 people have been infected by the COVID-19 worldwide and over 10,440 people have died. There have currently been 81,250 cases confirmed in Mainland China, where the virus originated, and over 71,200 patients have recovered. On Friday, China reported the second day in a row without new confirmed cases.

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